Lake Levels


The lake levels are slowly beginning to recede from the damaging high water levels we have seen in previous days.  There has still been a lot of damage to docks and boathouses.  There is also a few docks adrift as well as tin boats and a lot of debris that was on shore in the fall and has now floated away off the shore with the high water levels.  There have been a few posts on facebook from property owners looking for things that have floated away as well as the odd person that has posted that they have found something that was floating by their property.

We can only hope that the flooding has ended for this year and that the last snow to melt doesn’t raise the water levels any more than they are at this point.

For those of you that have repairs that will be needed to docks and boathouse, remember that there is the new guidelines for building and repairs to docks and boathouses.  Read my previous blog post about new ministry guidelines and work permits required.