Muskoka Winter Activities

What to do in the Winter

Winter is here and the trails are finally starting to open for the  Muskoka snowmobile season.  Better late than never.  Be sure to check locally about ice conditions because many of the lakes are still not safe to travel on.

The Bracebridge Memorial Park Winter Village Skating Trail is now open and a great place to go skating outdoor.  Beautifully lit in the evening.  Why not take a spin on your skates.

How about some down hill skiing or boarding at the Huntsville Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area.  They have made some great improvements so spend the day and enjoy the winter during the day or in the evening.

Ice skating on a 1.5 km trail through Arrowhead Park.  A beautiful back to nature trail through the woods.  Perfect.

There are so many things to do in Muskoka in the winter.  Get outdoors and have some fun.

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Photo taken from Town of Bracebridge Facebook Page